The Crow isn't as precious as other comic book or genre properties that get rebooted for the big screen, simply because it has a long trail of direct-to-DVD sequels lying in its wake that aren't considered very good by most fans. So the idea of a straightforward remake is quite welcome, especially by series creator James O'Barr, who gives this new take on the material his blessing.

In a recent interview with independent blogger Sean C.W. Korsgaard, James O'Barr explains his involvement with the film, and how it is not a mere reboot but more of a 're-adaptation'.

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"[W]e're not remaking the movie. We're readapting the book. My metaphor is that there is a Bela Lugosi 'Dracula' and there's a Francis Ford Coppola 'Dracula'. They use the same material, but you still got two entirely different films. This one's going to be closer to 'Taxi Driver' or a John Woo film, and I think there's room for both of them. Part of the appeal of 'The Crow' comics, after all, is that they can tell very different stories."

While Luke Evans isn't officially signed onto play Eric Draven in the remake, it seems likely that an official announcement about the actor's involvement will be made soon enough. James O'Barr explains how Luke Evans's take will be a little different from Brandon Lee's iconic performance. A key factor is the last name Draven, which the comic creator hopes does not translate into this iteration:

"If you read the comic, Eric and Shelley never have their last names revealed. Hopefully, this is one area the new movie being more faithful to the comic will come into play, and Eric won't be going by Eric Draven in the new film. Luke Evans may play Eric, but Brandon Lee will forever be Eric Draven... [N]o one understands that fear more than me. Brandon Lee was a friend and I'd never do anything to hurt his legacy."

James O'Barr reveals that he has control over the soundtrack, which was part of his deal in signing onto the project. He also held the same responsibility on the 1994 Alex Proyas film, and fans can expect more of the same in this area.

"We're including some music I'd wanted to originally, but just couldn't get the rights to. Some actual Joy Division songs. Some vintage Cure songs. I'm still pretty active in the music industry, and there is a lot of neo-goth bands out there, that have that same sound, and I've talked to some of them about contributing, and they're very excited about it."

James O'Barr fully endorses Luke Evans's new look as The Crow, saying this about the character's rebooted appearance:

"I've seen him in the make-up, too, and he looks great... I think the studio understands that if they want a 'Crow' 'franchise', they have to get it right. We're hoping to begin production later this month, and start shooting in the spring."

What do you think? Does this give you high hopes for the remake?