This just in from the Mexico News Desk (if you believe that Lights Out has a Mexican News Desk)... Crowe, currently in Baja, is filming what used to be called Master & Commander which reunites him with actor Paul Bettany. The film has since been retitled The Far Side of the World.

Reports have come in that the cast and crew recently attended a party after a long week of work at Fox Studios. "The alcohol flowed freely and everyone was having a great time," we're told. "Then some guy (I don't think he was on the crew) accidentally spilled his drink on Russell... Crowe stayed cool, but tapped the guy and told him he had spilled on him. This is the wild part! The guy told Crowe to 'get over it,' and that's when Maximus went ballistic! He threw the guy against the wall, then picked him up and threw him OVER the bar!" - We at Lights Out would like to state that this is just rumor at this point, and has not been backed up by anyone, but it sounds like a classic Russell Crowe situation so I figured we'd just print it... If anyone has more info on this fantastic story, email me!

Analyze That: Aspiring actress Amanda Winklevoss died mysteriously on the set of the Robert DeNiro/Billy Crystal film. Her body was discovered in the film company's camera truck while they were shooting in Manhattan. The woman apparently entered the camera truck uninvited, and authorities are investigating the possibility that Winklevoss (who was not working on the film) may have been accidentally electrocuted.

Doo 2: Ladies and gentlemen! The announcement I know you've all been waiting for! According to E! Entertainment television and the Internet Movie Database, a sequel has been ordered for a 2004 follow up to the live-action hit Scooby Doo. All I can say to that (in a flat monotone unexcited-as-possible voice) is: "great."

Angelina Jolie: Britain's Daily Star has reported that Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina (who is in London, buffing up for Tomb Raider 2), have split up. Publicists deny the rumor.

(Is it me, or is it just a tabloid news day???)

Spielberg: Good 'ol Steve hinted at his desire to direct a musical in an interview with the Toronto Star. The director, on a press tour to promote Minority Report, told the Star, "I'm really actively looking into making a musical. I've wanted to do one for years, and came close a couple of times... I had nine songs written for Hook, but we cut them from the movie. I almost made 1941 into a musical. In hindsight, it would've helped the movie." Looks like Baz Luhrmann opened the door. Get ready for Chicago with Catherine Zeta JOnes coming soon... and studios all over town working on their own musical projects.

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