Death Race 3000:Resident Evil writer/director Paul Anderson (not Boogie Nights writer/director Paul T. Anderson) exceeded the expectations of many this past weekend by pulling off a video game movie adaptation that doesn't suck. While there are rumors that the sequel has already been greenlit, the big news for Mr. Anderson comes with's announcement that Tom Cruise will produce and star in Paul's dream movie, Death Race 3000. An update of the retro B-flick, Death Race 2000, Cruise will play Frankenstein, an accident prone super star racer possibly putting to rest the need for a Days Of Thunder sequel.

James Cameron's Next: How does one of the world's biggest directors follow up the worlds highest grossing movie ever? With a T.V. show! Following up 1997's obscure disaster movie, Titanic, writer/director James Cameron has decided to helm the season (and possibly series, depending on contract renewals) finale of his Fox series Dark Angel, airing in May. This outing will be quite a budgeting exercise, as the $3 million per 1 hour cost doesn't even sit in the same financial ballpark as his $200 million/3 hour boat epic.

Princess Leia's Hair: Back in 1977, Princess Leia's pastry-esque hairstyle made history. This May, according to Carrie Fisher's talk show, Conversations From The Edge, Princess Leia Senior will show where it all started. As said by creator George Lucas, "That hairdo was designed to be noticed and it was. That was the point. Fans will see how it started out in the new film. Amidala wears that hairstyle done the way it was originally intended, but it ended up being modified and brought down and becoming more braids. Yours became smaller and smaller. Just wait until you see hers - they're like two giant horns on the side of her head.." Check out the full Internet Movie Database report. CLICK HERE

Have fun. ~Steve