Reality shows are a dime a dozen but there is something about the way car sales and attitude are merged on the King of Cars. The premise is simple, we get an inside look at car salesmen that work at Towbin Dodge in Las Vegas. However, leading these salesman is Joshua "Chop" Towbin, who proved in the two episodes we were sent ("Ugly Trucking" and "Hoop Dreamz") that the inmates are really running the asylum. With crazy salesmen who have nicknames like the Blue Genie and Bob the Builder, one can get very easily caught up in this world.

From seeing various car contests, to following salesmen as they are trying to make deals, to seeing other salesmen steal sales from one another, this show often plays like one of those 1980s young adult ensemble films (think Meatballs on car lot). However, underneath all of this is Chop who is a high pressure salesmen, but he really does car about cars and the people he and his salesmen are selling to. He's quick talking, multitalented, and one gets the impression (that you don't often get with reality shows) that if the cameras were absent the mayhem would still ensue. Another interesting aspect of this show is how much the salesmen believe in what they're doing. Maybe they are acting for the cameras? Maybe we are only seeing certain images that the King of Cars creators want us to see, but these guys are truly a breed unto themselves.

This isn't to say that Chop and his posse aren't loud and that if you go to Towbin Dodge they aren't going to try and sell you something. Still, there are is an earnestness at work here that you just can't fake, especially in today's reality TV realm. While King of Cars is a candy coated piece of television, there's nothing about it, or the practices of Chop and his salespeople that leave anything but a sweet taste in your mouth.

King of Cars airs Tuesday nights at 11pm EST/PST on A&E.

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