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Movie PictureGreat news! (As if we were even worried) {5} is officially coming to the US and will most likely be distributed by Sony's Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group. Deals are being commenced with the company and the film makers and the finalization of contracts is almost at a close.

IGN's Filmforce quotes the plot as so:

"Alice and Rain lead a team of commandos into "The Hive," a massive gene research facility, where a deadly virus has just broken out. The entire research staff was killed in seconds by the virus, but their bodies are reanimated and they become zombies. Alice has less than three hours to isolate the virus in the underground complex, or it could easily destroy all the human race. But soon it becomes clear that that team is threatened by more than just the zombies."

This thing better be good! I mean, it is Resident Evil...but will it compare to the highly anticipated javascript:void(0|Death's End series? Maybe, but most likely not. Read the full story @

Movie PictureIt's here and it cost me a lot of money! {8}! This thing is beautiful! If you are a fan, don't hesitate...get this thing now. Scully is hotter then ever!
Check out some clips from season 3 javascript:open_details|here or javascript:open_details|here.Thank you and good night. {@IMG:o87dgQ7IAos2O6vKbWT1VlJIVulH5c|Movie [email protected]}In video games news some great trailers and clips of Silent Hill 2 for the Playstation 2 have reached IGN. Being a horror fan I loved the first one, and after seeing the beauty of the trailer for the sequel, well, let's just say you won't see me for a while once this thing comes out. WATCH THE TRAILER NOW!!!! You will mess your pants and that is a guarantee! Hopefully Brock, Bad Candy Ben, The Fritch, and I will se more of this masterpiece when we hit up the E3 Expo next Thursday. We'll let you know! That's it for now! We finish filming Episode 1 of Death's End tomorrow! Stay tuned...~Brian