Lionsgate is developing a remake of the 1998 sci-fi thriller Cube, entitled Cubed. Up and coming director Saman Kesh, who gained a lot of attention around Hollywood for his short film entitled Controller, is attached to direct, which will mark his feature debut. Philip Gawthorne is writing the screenplay, based on Saman Kesh's original idea.

Cube centered on seven strangers trapped in a massive cubed maze, as they are forced to solve a number of dangerous puzzles to get out alive, and find out why they were all trapped together in the first place. The movie, directed by Vincenzo Natali, spawned the sequels Cube 2: Hypercube in 2003 and Cube Zero in 2004. The remake is a re-imagining of the original premise, described as a sci-fi survival thriller that touches on themes of artificial intelligence, humanity and the birth of a new "digital race."

Roy Lee and Jon Spaihts are producing for Lionsgate, with Adam Stone overseeing the project's development. Saman Kesh's short film Controller first caught the attention of filmmaker Shawn Levy, who set up a deal for the filmmaker to develop a feature-length version of his short film for 20th Century Fox. Lionsgate also caught wind of the short film, which lead to the director's deal for Cubed. Check out the Controller short film below.