Today, ABC ordered five brand new series for air. According to Variety, these shows would have usually been picked up in May, but due to an erratic pilot season brought on by the writers' strike, they are just now getting the go-ahead from the network.

First up is a redo of the Jeremy Piven dramedy Cupid from 1998. The series will again revolve around a man that claims to be Cupid, this time starring Bobby Cannavale. Sarah Paulson will play the shrink assigned to his case. Also up for production is the drama Castle, which will star Nathan Fillion as a novelist that helps the NYPD solve hard to crack cases.

ABC also picked up The Unusuals, a show starring Harold Perrineau Jr., Amber Tamblyn, Jeremy Renner, Adam Goldberg, Kai Lennoz and Terry Kinney. It revolves around a quirky NYPD precinct. Better Off Ted, said to be one of ABC's favorites, follows the adventures of an office drone slowly trying to make his way up the corporate ladder. And finally, ABC is also going ahead with its comedy Single With Parents, which stars Alyssa Milano, Annie Potts, and Beau Bridges.

ABC is looking to debut most of this series during its midseason run.