Matthew Vaughn, the director of Stardust, has given Marvel a script and a concept for Thor, according to an article Vaughn wrote for The Guardian.

Thor is going to focus on the epic nature of the God of Thunder, and could potentially be one of the most amazing epics ever made. The movie will take place in Asgard, the home of the gods, with little or no contact with the world of motals.

Marvel has already told Vaughn that they love his script. But there's one slight catch - the movie Vaughn wants to make has a projected cost of 300 million dollars. Marvel has asked him to cut the budget down by $150 million.

Clearly, the initial draft of the script is going to need some re-writes to bring the film down into the projected budget. There has been no word yet as to how Vaughn intends to cut it down to a manageable size.