Rapper-turned-actor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Randall Emmett are developing a new project, Things Fall Apart, through their Cheetah Vision Films banner.

According to Variety, Jackson will star in the project, which is scheduled to begin five weeks of lensing in May in Michigan with Mario Van Peebles directing from a script by Jackson and Brian Miller.

The film centers around a star football running back, played by Jackson, who faces a personal tragedy as well as his own mortality while in his senior year in college.

Van Peebles, Lynn Whitfield, comedian Mike P and Steve Eastin will also star.

"You have 90 minutes and 120 pages, compared with three minutes for a song," Jackson noted. "I've become very passionate about making films."

Emmett noted that Jackson is able to write a check for a film project that might not easily secure financing, such as Things Fall Apart. "Fifty is in the process of losing 65 pounds" for the role, he added.