Variety reports that Walden Media has picked Curtis Hanson to direct the surfing film Mavericks.

The story is based on a script from Brandon Hooper (who is also producing). It follows the late Jay Moriarity and his dream to ride the iconic Northern California break known as Mavericks. It is as this point "where winter swells bring in treacherous waves the size of five-story buildings."

Moriarity practiced for over a year under the tutelage of mentor Frosty Hesson. The two of them forged a unique relationship that ultimately transformed both of their lives. His story is an inspiration to fellow surfers around the globe, who've coined the phrase, "Live like Jay."

Moriarty passed away in 2001 in a diving accident in the Maldive Islands.

Kario Salem (Don King: Only in America) penned the first draft of Mavericks.

Walden Media wants to get this movie into production by the end of the year.