A young baseball player is put to the ultimate test when trying to turn his life around in the upcoming drama Curveball. The film will debut on the Urban Movie Channel on Friday, April 1, before it arrives on Digital HD, DVD and VOD formats April 5. Today, RLJ Entertainment has provided us with an exclusive look at the first poster from Curveball, just two months before it premieres on UMC.

The story centers on Nolan (Jean-Luc McMurtry), an eager and outgoing small town boy adapted to living without his father, who was mysteriously gunned down in front of him at a tender age. Isolated and alone, he makes the acquaintance of the local neighborhood hot-head, Sam (Adam Aalderks). From the moment the two meet, they are inseparable. Sam brings excitement to Nolan's mundane existence, while Nolan offers an unconditional love that tempers Sam's proclivity for trouble-making.

The bonds of the relationship are cemented through the boys' enduring love of baseball, which Sam practically mentors Nolan through to his star status. Ultimately, small town life cannot protect these two youth on the verge of manhood from the excesses of life lived too fast. Too much freedom and too little supervision threaten their families, a budding romance and future success. In a last ditch effort to save her son from himself, Nolan's mother, Sharon (Cheri Christian), makes a desperate attempt to break the grip Sam has over her son, even from the grave.

The cast also includes Rockmond Dunbar, E. Roger Mitchell, Neko Parham and Lynn Whitfield. Brandon Thaxton makes his feature directing debut on Curveball, working from a script by Linton 'Buddy' Barnett III, with Errol Sadler serving as a producer. Brandon Thaxton had previously directed episodes of The Fuller View and Horror Hotel before moving into directing features.

Curveball will debut just in time for baseball season this spring, and this inspirational take will be perfect for fans of all ages. Will you be checking out Curveball when it debuts on Urban Movie Channel or on Digital HD, DVD and VOD formats this April? Chime in with your thoughts after taking a look at this new poster below.

Curveball Poster