Cusack:The Runaway Jury is finally going to jog it's way into your local multiplex. The project, based on the novel by John Grisham, has had many incarnations... none of which has come to fruition until now. Edward Norton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith, Sean Connery... All were attached at one time or another only to drop out. Schumacher was going to direct. So was Mike Newell. Well, New Regency and Fox think they finally have it ready to go: This time with John Cusack in the lead as a jury foreman in a landmark case against a gun manufacturer. Director Gary Fleder, hot off his hit film Don't Say A Word, is taking the directors chair, and while neither Hoffman nor Hackman have yet signed, their deals are said to be just days away from being hammered out. If Hackman does co-star, it will be his second teaming with Grisham having starred in the authors' The Firm.

Fast & The Furious 2: With Vin Diesel out, the search is on for a lead to co-star with Paul Walker in the follow-up to the surprise hit film. The leading contender? Actor, model, singer Tyrese.

How George Got His Groove Back: I have one word for all of you out there... and that word is: Yoda. I think there's a new definition of the infamous line "bad [email protected]#$%^". I normally don't do reviews, and honestly, I'm not starting now. After all, that's what you have the Mushmaster for, right? But I thought I'd throw in my two cents about Attack of the Clones, because... well... because I can. So here it is in six simple words: Good movie, great Star Wars movie.

I must admit, I was so disappointed in Episode I, that I had absolutely NO intention of being in a long line at the Westwood Bruin this time out. The first movie was for children. It was for toy and videogame sales, and while there are a few bits in II that are for the Playstation set, this is on the whole a much darker, cooler and more adult film. So a couple of my friends bought tickets. 10 in all. None of them had planned on lining up early, but when we cruised by Westwood @ 10 am, there were already about 30 people waiting... For the 12:01 am show, people! Well, we wanted good seats so we waited. 14 hours. We were, all of us, so prepared to be letdown that when we came out we were.... elated! Now, instead of "man, that was bad," we found ourselves saying, "we have to wait three years 'til Episode III?" Needless to say, we were back in a theater by noon today (the Mann's Chinese. Digital Projection... Ooooh).

So there it is. Three long years. Thank God for The Matrix... Only one year to go for them.

From Somewhere in a Movie Theater and a galaxy far, far away. ~Jane Doe