Fans of the horror genre have lots to put their money on this month. Its 80s mania with any distributor that can get their hands on any rights they can, an we can't be more happy about it. That said, it's time to get excited as slasher horror flick Cutting Class is getting a 4K restoration from Vinegar Syndrome!

We are finally ready to announce what is probably our best kept secret in some time; that we've completed a new 4k restoration of Rospo Pallenberg's star studded 1988 slasher, Cutting Class, and will be issuing its 30th anniversary Blu-ray debut on Black Friday. What's more is that, unlike the old DVD which purported to be 'unrated,' but was in fact the much tamer MPAA 'R' version, our Blu is totally uncut.

To further commemorate the excitement of being able to watch sleaze-era Brad Pitt in HD, Vnegar Syndrome asked five of their favorite artists (Jay Shaw, Earl Kessler Jr., Derek Gabryszak, Chris Garofalo and Cody Brown) to each design a slipcover based upon their favorite kill in the film. Hence the Killer Covers of Cutting Class package. will have a flash preorder for the Cutting Class slipcover package as well as their two Black Friday limited edition surprise horror Blu-rays. During the flash preorder event, you'll have the ability to order The Killer Covers of CUTTING CLASS package with or without the two surprise horror releases. The stress-free flash preorder will take place over the weekend of October 19th-21st.

It's worth mentioning that any Cutting Class slip covers left over after Vinegr Syndrome's Black Friday sale will be shredded as this is a 100% Black Friday sale exclusive and no slipcover editions will be sold at conventions or by any other retailer.

Visit Vinegar Syndrome October 19th-21st (EST) to place your preorder.

Cutting Class 4K Blu-ray Cover #1
Cutting Class 4K Blu-ray Cover #2
Cutting Class 4K Blu-ray Cover #3
Cutting Class 4K Blu-ray Cover #4
Cutting Class 4K Blu-ray Cover #5
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