Back in November 2013, Arrow star Stephen Amell posted two comic book covers on his Facebook page that featured Green Arrow with the rest of the Justice League, which lead many fans to believe that he may be joining the DC Comics movie universe. While that notion was quickly debunked, it was speculated again this summer that the actor may be announced as part of the Justice League cast at Comic-Con, which was also shot down by the actor himself. However, Stephen Amell recently appeared at Fan Expo Canada last weekend, where he revealed that The CW is creating their own Justice League on TV.

"We are creating a Justice League on TV for us. I don't think there is a logistical reality to us participating in the feature side. That being said, I never wanted to have to feel like the show was justified, just because we participated in the movie. I don't think my character would participate on the cinematic side. What's that saying? Is it six seasons and a movie? Our show right now has me, Arsenal, Flash. There's going to be Firestorm and Atom. The Justice League elements of it are very present on our shows ['Arrow and The Flash] already."

While Justice League members Arrow (Stephen Amell) and The Flash (Grant Gustin) have already been established, there still needs to be several more characters introduced on the show before a Justice League can be assembled, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. The one character Stephen Amell would like to see on the show next is Green Lantern.

"Now, boy we've referenced Ferris Air a lot. It would be really cool to have Green Lantern. Hopefully, that happens. I have no inside information, unless I do."

If an expanded Justice League TV universe is in the works, that means there will likely be plenty of crossovers between Arrow and this fall's new series The Flash. It has already been confirmed a crossover is set for November that will serve as the eighth episodes for both shows. There is little we know about the story thus far, but it will be intriguing if there are any scenes between Stephen Amell and his cousin, Robbie Amell, who is playing one half of Firestorm on The Flash. Stephen Amell revealed that he knew about the role months before his cousin even read the script.

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"[Executive producer Greg Berlanti] told me about Robbie and Firestorm about two months before Robbie knew about it. Robbie texts me and goes, 'I GOT A JOB ON The Flash" All capitals and exclamation marks. I wrote back, 'I know,' and then welcomed him to the Justice League of America. Robbie and I, for being in the same business, the only time we've ever teamed up is in beer pong. We've never actually teamed up on screen together. I think eventually there's a chance that Oliver Queen and Mr. Firestorm may cross paths."

Speaking of Greg Berlanti, it's worth noting that the producer is also developing a Supergirl TV series, but it isn't known if this potential show would fit into their Justice League model. Stephen Amell went on to add new details about Season 3 of Arrow, which debuts Wednesday, October 8 on The CW, revealing his favorite part is interacting with his new ally Arsenal (Colton Haynes).

"That is my favorite part about Season 3 so far. The relationship between Colton Haynes' character and my character, we're in a really good spot. We're in a big brother/little brother spot. We have been trying to find little moments where I do everything short of giving him a noogie."

The Season 2 finale teased that the flashbacks will be shifting from the island to Hong Kong, with new characters such as Maseo Yamashiro (Karl Yune) and Katana (Rila Fukushima) being introduced. Stephen Amell revealed that these flashback scenes in Season 3 will add a new element to the show, while teasing that Oliver also learns new skills in present day as well.

"Our third season is very much the Hong Kong chapter of the show. It adds a different element to the show. One of the cool things we are going to do this year is we have never, in the present day, seen Oliver learn anything new, except maybe how to smile more. In terms of combat, Oliver is going to learn something new this year, which I'm very excited about."