Cyborg is getting a fresh backstory? Warner Bros' highly-anticipated DCEU adventure Justice League is a month away and the excitement level is getting higher, especially after the release of the Justice League final trailer last week, which featured Clark Kent in a dream sequence. New information about the long awaited movie is slowly starting to leak out as the release date inches closer. A new report reveals that Cyborg's backstory has been changed by the DCEU for Justice League, which isn't that much of a surprise since the superhero's backstory has changed pretty frequently over the years in the comic books as well.

Justice League recently held a promotional event in the Philippines and one lucky fan in attendance took pictures of some of the promotional materials used for the upcoming movie and posted them on social media. The new promotional materials feature mini character bios on each member of the team, including Superman. And while most of the mini bios contain information fans already knew, Cyborg's bio has some new information that hasn't been seen before.

In the new DCEU version, Victor Stone receives life-threatening injuries in a car accident, leading his father, Silas Stone (Joe Morton), to use an Apokoliptian Mother Box to reconstruct Victor's body and save his life, which is something that is briefly seen in Cyborg's short Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cameo. While the change isn't very much, it does differ a lot from what fans have read in the comic books and could confuse as well as anger some DC fans. We'll have to wait for Justice League to hit theaters to understand why the change was made, but as previously mentioned, the change isn't that drastic.

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Cyborg actually has 2 origin stories (actually 3 now}, one pre-Flashpoint and one after Flashpoint. In his pre-Flashpoint origin, Victor Stone was experimented on by his parents, who were scientists at the S.T.A.R. Labs. One of their many experiments led to a tragic outcome. Victor's parents brought a dangerous creature into their dimension, and in an attempt to return the creature to its home, Victor was severely wounded and his mother, Elinore, was killed. Victor's father had to turn him into a cyborg in order to save his life, much like the DCEU origin. The same thing happens in the character's post-Flashpoint origin, but the main difference is that he was wounded from an exploding Father Box.

In a recent interview, Ray Fisher (Cyborg) says that both Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio wanted Cyborg to be a positive representation for those with physical disabilities and that fans have approached him to tell him how seeing Cyborg has given them a hero to relate to and that, in turn, has made the character more relevant to him as an actor. Victor Stone had everything taken from him and has to learn a brand new way of life much like anyone that has gone through trauma. You can check out the new promotional material, which features the mini bios for Justice League via CeddieRiccy's Twitter account below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick