Today, April 3, 2020, would have been a big day for DC fans in a slightly alternate universe as the Cyborg movie was originally supposed to hit theaters today. Instead, it's been more than two years since we've seen Ray Fisher's version of the character on screen in Justice League and there is no indication that we're going to see him again, at least not anytime soon. So, that begs the question, what happened exactly?

That's a difficult question to fully answer but, in the most simple terms, things changed. Cyborg was originally announced by Warner Bros. way back in 2014 during the earliest days of what we now know as the DCEU. Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, the first entry in this universe, hit theaters in 2013 and the studio began assembling long-term plans to make their own version of what Disney had done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ray Fisher had been cast to play the role of Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, first briefly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then later, far more significantly, in Justice League. The plan was to then give the character a standalone after the big team-up.

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Unfortunately, things didn't pan out. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released in March 2016 and proved to be far more divisive than the studio expected. Many critics rejected Zack Snyder's dark vision for the DC universe and audiences were split. Filming for Justice League was scheduled to start mere weeks after BvS was released. In many ways, the train had already left the station. Snyder, who suffered a family tragedy during production, left the project. Joss Whedon (The Avengers) was brought in to oversee massive rewrites and reshoots. The result is not at all what Snyder had intended, even though he remains the credited director.

By the time Justice League hit theaters in November 2017, it was clear Warner Bros. was moving away from the Snyderverse. Yet, a very devoted group of fans has been calling for the studio to Release the so-called Snyder Cut in the years since. Whether or not things would have ultimately changed, had Snyder presented his vision in theaters, is something we can never know. Would the Cyborg solo movie still have happened? Would Cyborg and The Flash have teamed up in the Scarlet Speedster's solo movie, as was on the table at one point?

Many fans took to social media to pour one out for the movie that never was, showing love to Ray Fisher, who undoubtedly got the short end of the stick in this whole mess. It led to quite a few #ReleaseTheSnyderCut tweets, as Victor Stone's role in the original version of Justice League was more substantial and quite a bit different. As crazy as it sounds, the Snyder Cut may be our best chance at seeing more of Fisher's Cyborg (and it feels like a major long shot) as Warner Bros. has no plans, so far as we know, for a solo movie at this time. Feel free to check out some of the tweets we collected below.