It looks as though Ray Fisher's days as Cyborg in the DCEU may be numbered. While Warner Bros. hasn't declared that they're ready to move on from Cyborg just yet, they also haven't made any real moves to get him in another movie any time soon. Not only that, but they are making plans for Cyborg on the small screen, which won't have anything to do with Fisher. Looking at everything all at once, it's starting to feel like it may be time to say RIP to this big screen version of Victor Stone.

Cyborg will be part of both the Titans and Doom Patrol series that are being produced for the DC Universe streaming service. It won't be Ray Fisher playing the character, but someone will be. There have been efforts made by Warner Bros. to not have very much crossover with characters between their live-action shows and the movies. This was illustrated recently when actor Manu Bennett revealed at Phoenix Comic Fest that he won't be able to play Deathstroke on Arrow because of the plans for Joe Manganiello to appear in his own Deathstroke movie.

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There have also been issues on Gotham, with the show not being able to call their version of The Joker by that name. The producers have also had to negotiate a deal to let Batman appear, but reportedly only briefly, at the end of Gotham season 5 next season in order to fulfill the promise of the series. Point being, if Cyborg is heading to the small screen in a not-insignificant role, Warner Bros. could be looking to back away from the big screen version of the character as to not double up.

Then there's the matter of the solo movie that Ray Fisher Cyborg was supposed to be getting. When the project was initially announced, it was set for a 2020 release date, but we haven't heard anything official from the studio on that front in quite some time. Fisher said earlier this year that the movie is still in the works, but that may have been more wishful thinking than anything else. The last we heard of him actually, possibly appearing in a movie beyond Justice League was when Rick Famuyiwa was attached to The Flash movie and teased that Cyborg would be included. But he's since left the project and it's had at least one page-one rewrite since.

We also have to consider the implications of Justice League in all of this. Cyborg did appear in the movie, yes, but much of the footage that was shot with him, like some of the flashback stuff with him as Victor Stone, was cut out. Not only that, but Justice League was a pretty major bomb, relatively speaking. The movie didn't land with critics and dramatically underperformed at the box office. That left Warner Bros. to rethink their strategy with DC Films moving forward. A part of that could very well be leaving Cyborg in the dust.

Is it possible that they could find a place for Ray Fisher in one of the other DC movies being developed? Maybe. Flashpoint seemed like a good bet, but it looks like the Flash movie is going to be moving away from that storyline entirely. Beyond that, it's hard to imagine a place for him in Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, The Batman or really any of the DC movies that seem like they actually have a good shot at being made.

It's no one thing that leads us to believe that Cyborg's time on the big screen may be finished, but there's enough circumstantial evidence that can get you to that conclusion. Ray Fisher may end up being an unfortunate casualty of Warner Bros.' responsive way of dealing with the DCEU. This was previously reported by Revenge of the Fans.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott