Mel Gibson admits that he couldn't keep up with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg on the set of Daddy's Home 2. Ferrell is known to adlib a lot on set and according to Gibson, Ferrell and Wahlberg are really good at adlibbing on the spot together, often leaving him in the dust. Mel Gibson even admitted to being "intimidated" by the natural comedic talents of the duo who have starred in more than one movie together. It's a far cry from some of the Three Stooges references that Gibson would pepper into the Lethal Weapon franchise.

While speaking to New! magazine, Mel Gibson compared Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell to Chinese ping pong players, which might not have been the wisest comparison, but hey, it's his life. Gibson had this to say.

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"I was lost. They left me behind. I felt like a spectator at a Beijing Ping Pong match with the flip-flapping back and forth between them that I was trying to keep up with."

Gibson went on to call working on the set of Daddy's Home 2 a real "job" because of the off-the-wall talents of Ferrell and Wahlberg. Mark Wahlberg even noted that Mel Gibson looked lost on the set when filming first began.

Apparently, after a little bit of time on the set, Mel Gibson warmed up and found out that he was in a "safe" place to try whatever he wanted, away from the printed script. It's been reported that Gibson ended up having the most fun on the set out of everybody once he got the hang of watching Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg adlib some hilarious moments. The veteran actor is no stranger to comedy, but he's been more involved in serious jobs for the last handful of years.

Mel Gibson became a controversial figure following a string of incidents, including being accused of making racist and anti-Semitic remarks, along with alleged domestic violence against former partner Oksana Grigorieva. After being pulled over for drunk driving, Gibson blamed the Jews for "all the wars in the world," along with a bunch of other pretty terrible things. The actor maintains that he was angry and "loaded" when he made the remarks and also claims that he was illegally recorded, but whatever the case may be, Mel Gibson is on a mission to dig himself out of the wreckage from his past.

Mel Gibson's inclusion in Daddy's Home 2 has been questioned, but many claim that his appearance in the movie might have kept it from going straight to home video after some pretty savage reviews by critics and fans. Gibson is back and although he may not be able to compete with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in the comedy department, he reportedly still had a wonderful time on the set. You can read more about Mel Gibson's experience on the set of Daddy's Home 2 via Female First U.K.