In light of the recently reported rumors of Star Wars star Daisy Ridleypossibly playing Batgirl in a solo movie, convincing fan art has emerged of the actress in the role. Reportedly, Birds of Prey screenwriter Christina Hodson is currently working on a Batgirl script for Warner Bros., envisioning a new take on the classic character. Just days ago, Ridley was reported to be a top choice for the new Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), though no casting has yet been made official and nothing has been confirmed. Still, it was enough to get fans talking about the concept, and seeing an artist's depiction of Ridley as Batgirl suggests it wouldn't be a bad choice at all.

Similar fan speculation concerning casting has been following the production of Matt Reeves' The Batman. As of now, only Robert Pattinson has been officially cast, taking on the role of the Dark Knight himself. It hasn't been made clear exactly which other characters will be appearing in the movie, though Penguin's name comes up a lot as one of its rumored antagonists. Frozen star Josh Gad had long been campaigning to play that role if and when he finally shows up in another DC movie, though the actor recently stated on Twitter he is definitely not going to be in The Batman.

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There are rumors about other major stars playing characters from the Batman universe as well. Dave Bautista made headlines by agreeing to play Bane in a movie when a fan suggested it to him on Twitter, though no such casting has actually taken place. Macaulay Culkin similarly saw his name go viral when rumors hit the web about him potentially playing the Joker, and fans were mostly receptive to the idea. More recently, Chloe Grace Moretz was reported to be in the running to play Catwoman in The Batman, but like all of the other rumors, this has yet to be officially confirmed by Warner Bros. or DC.

As for Ridley, it's looking like her time with the Star Wars franchise will be finished with the release of The Rise of Skywalker. The actress recently said she will not be a part of the next Star Wars trilogy, leaving her future in Hollywood uncertain. It would make sense for another major studio to swoop her up for a prominent role like Batgirl, and fans seem pretty accepting of the concept as suggested by the responses to the rumor. For Ridley's sake, if she winds up in the role, let's hope Batgirl turns out more like Wonder Woman and Aquaman and less like Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Again, we must reiterate here that Ridley has not been officially cast as Batgirl for any movie, and this is nothing more than rumblings in the rumor mill. Still, seeing an artist's interpretation of Ridley in the role does show that it's not exactly the craziest casting choice. It's certainly pretty easy to see, but we'll see if it actually happens. You can take a peek at the artwork of Ridley as Batgirl below, courtesy of the talents of Mizuri on Instagram.