We first reported on Dambusters, a Peter Jackson produced remake of the 1955 World War II drama The Dam Busters, way back in 2006. And we haven't heard much about the film since that time.

Broadcast personality, actor, and comedian Stephen Fry wrote the screenplay for Dambusters, which tracks the true story of how a British squadron attacked three German dams essential to the Nazi steel industry during WWII. Integral to the mission was leader Wing Cmdr. Guy Gibson's black Labrador Retriever, named Nigger, who was the mascot of the RAF 617 squadron.

After much deliberation, Peter Jackson and Stephen Fry have decided to change the beloved dog's name to Digger, and that has a few historian's in an uproar.

This is what Stephen Fry had to say about the name change.

"There is no question in America that you could ever have a dog called the N-word. It's no good saying that it is the Latin word for black or that it didn't have the meaning that it does now - you just can't go back, which is unfortunate. You can go to RAF Scampton and see the dog's grave and there he is with his name, and it's an important part of the film. The name of the dog was a code word to show that the dam had been successfully breached. In the film, you're constantly hearing 'n-word, n-word, n-word, hurray' and Barnes Wallis is punching the air. But obviously that's not going to happen now. So Digger seems okay, I reckon."

Aviation development officer of Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire Phil Bonner had this to say about the unfortunate name change.

"The name of the dog is very emotive for many people and in some respects it's a reflection of the changes that have happened across the generations. The whole core of the film is about the bravery of the people who flew from Lincolnshire on a very daring raid and it's important that this aspect of the film is not watered down."

Some historians are claiming that the name change will sacrifice the historical accuracy of the events being depicted in the movie. Filming on Dambusters began in New Zealand way back in 2009, with Christian Rivers at the helm. There is no official word on when Dambusters will be released in the States.