Be Kind Rewind's Michel Gondry is currently working on an animated project with his son, sixteen year old comic book author Paul Gondry. According to /Film, acclaimed comic book artist Dan Clowes is writing the screenplay for the project.

Gondry stated, "It's based on [Paul's] universe. He's a sixteen year old. He's very unique, very funny and very violent in his drawing and his art, showing everything that you could think of that I should have stopped him from coming in contact with, but I failed. He grew up watching Tom & Jerry and Ren and Stimpy, Sponge Bob. If you take all that and mix it with Gangster movies with blood, you get his universe."

He continued, saying, "We're translating our relationship into a futuristic story with a dictator and a rebel. He's the dictator in the story and it will be based on his art."

The film does not have a set start date at this time.