Writer-producer Dan Fogelman has landed a pilot order at Fox for a high-concept family comedy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The untitled single-camera project, from Warner Bros. TV, centers on a typical dysfunctional nuclear family that moves into a sought-after gated community only to discover that everybody who lives there is an alien. It was greenlighted off a pitch and put on the fast track for production by year's end.

The inspiration for Fogelman's project, which stems from a blind script deal at WBTV, came from his visits to the gated community in Southern New Jersey where his mother lives.

"Whenever I go there, I look around, and it seems that all the people there should be aliens," Fogelman said. "I thought I would just make them aliens."

"This is a traditional family sitcom except that (the neighbors) are named after professional athletes and drool green goo out of their snout," he said.