While there had been some talk that all DC Comics-related films at Warner Brothers were currently on hold, that doesn't seem to have stopped some projects from racing forward - and when you discuss racing superheroes, it only makes sense that one of those projects is The Flash. The good folks at IESB got a chance to speak to Warner Brother's producer Chuck Roven, where he indirectly confirmed that Mazeau is working on the script.

When asked about how Mazeau's script compared to earlier drafts, Roven said:

You know, the problem... It's not only a problem, I can't really give you any information about The Flash. I can't even confirm that Dan is on it. What I'm saying is, probably for about the last six months or so, the decision was made to really kind of, unless there was a DC character project that was ready to be green lit, to just not talk about it. So there's nothing really that I can talk about at the moment.

But even though he wouldn't confirm the status of the film, he did give some hints about what he expects to see in a Flash film. "I was always a big fan of the comics. I was around for... Gosh, this is embarrassing, you know, the last two Flashes," Roven said. "The Flash that was the policeman and Kid Flash, Wally, and his uncle. Those are the two Flashes that I grew with, so I was excited to have the opportunity to try and see if I could actually translate those characters to the screen."

While this doesn't confirm anything, it certainly suggests that the film would somehow focus on both the second Flash, Barry Allen, who was the Flash portrayed in the CBS television series of The Flash, and also on his successor, Wally West - a fact that should make fans of the comic versions of the Flash very happy.

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