A scooper over at Ain't-It-Cool brings word today that Dan Simmons' epic sci-fi saga HYPERION may be set for a silver-screen release.

"Dan Simmons spoke at the University Bookstore in Seattle a few nights ago. Among a bunch of great stuff, he told us that the screen rights for the Hyperion saga have been sold to a major studio -- and that a major star and major director are in talks for a trilogy of movies based on the Hyperion saga. He pointed out that this is the movie business and anything can happen; nothing is definite. He told us that he's not allowed to announce who it is. But he is allowed to give hints. And he gave us a pretty solid goddamn hint.

He said the director and star did a movie together very recently. He said something about it being a movie with an extravagant budget. And then he said, and I'm attempting to quote him from memory, it was a movie "about some gangs in some city somewhere."

The four book series, which, in actuality, tells two rather elongated stories, is something of a holy grail for sci-fi fans, and news of several proposed changes made by the author himself may have readers a little on edge.

"When the studio first bought the rights, they had a group of young, up-and-coming screenwriters do a treatment. Simmons says this treatment was overly faithful to the four books, making it far too long and unwieldy. In response, he wrote a 15-page treatment himself in which he says he "deconstructed" the novels and reconceived them in such a way to make them viable for a motion picture trilogy."

Time will tell whether or not these changes will serve to bring yet another trilogy to our local theatres.