Dan Trachtenberg has been set to direct the thriller Valencia for Paramount Insurge and Bad Robot. Paramount Insurge bought the project a few years ago, and they have been developing it ever since.

The story follows a teenage girl who wakes up in an underground cellar, and is told by her creepy companion that a nuclear attack has devastated society, although the girl still hopes to escape.

Daniel Casey rewrote the script from an earlier draft by Josh Campbell and Matt Steucken. The movie will be produced with a $5 million budget, which falls in line with Paramount Insurge's micro-budget mandate. No production schedule was given.

Dan Trachtenberg is best known for directing the fan film Portal: No Escape, based on the popular Portal video game. He has previously been attached to projects such as Y: The Last Man, although none have made it to production, which means Valencia will serve as his directorial debut.