The new additions to the cast discuss their roles and what it's like doing this show

The world of NBC's Heroes continues to grow. The brainchild of Tim Kring this show boasts new cast members such as Dana Davis as Monica Dawson and Nichelle Nichols (from the original Star Trek) as Nana. Monica is a young woman with a newfound special ability to copy only what she sees, and who would give up everything to help the people around her. As Nana, Nichelle Nichols plays Monica's grandmother. These two recently took part in a conference call to discuss their roles and what it's like being on one of televisions most popular shows.

Nichelle, can you talk about the importance of family?

Nichelle Nichols: That's a very good question because family is very important in Heroes and especially a New Orleans family. I'm feeling that it's very similar to my own family. I come from a large family and we're always there for one another. It's a very loving family and a very diverse family. Here, I'm a strong woman who goes through an awful lot, she's lost a lot and now she's providing a home for her two beautiful grandchildren. That's the focus of my life now. We've gone through Katrina and we've survived and she's established a strong and safe environment for them.

Dana Davis: I think that Heroes really is about family. Sure it's this surreal story and it's about people with powers but the story behind that story is the story of family.

Nichelle it seems like the powers are genetic. Is it safe to assume that you have a power? Can you tell us anything about that?

Nichelle Nichols: I couldn't tell you if I knew. (Laughs) We very much guard what is coming up because it's kind of wonderful for the audience to discover it in the moment. I don't know, Dana might know...

Dana Davis: I don't know.

Nichelle Nichols: I don't know if Dana knew when she had powers.

Nichelle, can we at least assume that you're going to be a part of that adult generation of Heroes?

Nichelle Nichols: I couldn't be a part of anything else but the adults, could I? Right now it's a recurring role and it keeps growing and I'm liking it very, very much.

Nichelle, do you think William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are watching Heroes and they might join as well?

Nichelle Nichols: I have no idea.

What's it like shooting multiple episodes which means you're working with different directors as well?

Dana Davis: When I first came into the show I started on Episode 4 on like a Tuesday. Then Wednesday I was on Episode 5, Thursday I was back on Episode 4, it was crazy. I've never done that before and really it's very, very stressful for the actors. You kind of get used to it. Right now we're on Episode 11 and I've gotten used to it. At first it was really hard and now I kind of enjoy it.

Nichelle, has Zachary Quinto (Sylar) talked to you at all about playing a young Dr. Spock in the upcoming Star Trek?

Nichelle Nichols: I know that he has talked to Leonard and just saw him the other day at an awards show and he's very, very excited. He himself is a Trekkie so you can imagine how excited he is to be chosen to play a young Spock. I gave him my best wishes. When I first came on the show all I had seen of Zachary was some pictures in the makeup room and I wasn't sure... the moment I met him, I saw him in one of the episodes I said, "Oh my God, look what an actor." Then when I met him in person I said, "This is a young Spock." They did a brilliant job in casting him.

What can we expect from your characters in the next couple of episodes?

Dana Davis: Can we say? It's hard. I think Monica is going to go to a place that no NBC Hero has gone before. It's gonna be really fun to see Monica's story unfold because it's something that's never been done on Heroes, yet. It's gonna be fun. We're like sworn to secrecy. We like for the fans to find out as the episodes play. Sometimes spoilers get out but we try and keep it as much a secret as possible.

Was keeping your storylines well kept secrets ever like that on Star Trek?

Nichelle Nichols: Actually, no. Not so much a surprise but we were working 5 days a week. We never had much time in those first weeks of putting the show on because we had no audience, yet. When the show went on and we began to get this fan mail that was so amazing we were all excited, and then the mail started coming in asking us questions about this and that... we were still busy filming. We didn't have that sense of keeping it all secret because that was not the focus, such as now. Episode after episode was with the entire cast and guest actors so it was more about the adventure each time that was about to take place, that our fans waited to find out what was going to happen each week.

Who are you looking forward to having scenes with in other episodes?

Nichelle Nichols: Anybody that will have me. Any of them on there because I've been to award shows and I see how beautiful they are with one another and how they've treated me, and I can only hope I might go up there where they are.

Dana Davis: In a sense sometimes you feel isolated from the cast because the stories stand on their own so well, so I look forward to moments where we all work together... even when we're just in the trailers it's a blast.

Dana, what can you tell us about Prom Night?

Dana Davis:Prom Night is a teenage/slasher movie, set with a backdrop of the most awesome prom, Hollywood style you can imagine. There's a slasher on the loose, there's blood it's just fun. It's just pure fun. I got a chance to see a rough cut and it turned out good and I'm really, really proud of it. It is what it is but I had a lot of fun doing it.

Heroes airs on Monday nights at 9 PM on NBC.

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