Proving that the zombie genre isn't dead, Dana Gould has set up the sitcom The Last Larry at Comedy Central. Based on an idea partially inspired by Shaun of the Dead, the half-hour comedy will revolve around a group of friends trying to get on with their lives after a zombie apocalypse.

Gould said, "It's a very traditional sitcom set in the world of a zombie holocaust. I felt fairly positive after I pitched it that I wouldn't hear a lot of 'Not that idea again.' " Gould will write and star in the project.

The Simpsons writer/producer has also been tapped to write the comedy Alternadad for Warner Bothers. According to Variety, the film will be based on Neal Pollack's memoir of the same name. It revolves around a guy who attempts to remain hip and cool while facing fatherhood.

There is no word on when The Last Larry will premier on Comedy Central.