17 year-old Bindi Irwin has wowed audiences with her spectacular dance moves, and has kept America on the edge of their seat as she continues to climb to the top of the Dancing with the Stars leaderboard. But despite all that effort, she may not get paid for her troubles. There is a problem with her contract. And it's all directly tied to her deceased dad, Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Hopefully, this can all be sorted out soon.

While Bindi Irwin continues to impress on the dance floor and flood social media as a weekly trending topic, it seems things behind-the-scenes aren't going so smoothly. Sure, she's had some nasty blisters on her feet these past few weeks, which has made some of her performances a real pain. But it's getting paid that seems to be the real difficulty. The young girl is having trouble with her contract because she's a minor, and she needs the signature of both her parents. Obviously, this is an impossibility.

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Dancing with the Stars' lawyers had to submit her contract to the L.A. Superior Court judge because of her age. And the court quickly rejected the document because it wasn't signed by her late father. Steve Irwin has been dead now for almost a decade, having passed away in a tragic accident back in 2006.

The case is currently tied up in the courts. It's not clear if Bindi Irwin and her mother, who signed the documents, have simply been asked to bring a death certificate to the judge. And it sounds like this particular judge is unfamiliar with the teen's legacy and her father's accomplishments. And the fact that he passed away quite some time ago. Bindi Irwin's mother, Terri Irwin, wants her daughter to get her earnings, but apparently that's not happening soon. The Los Angeles court system is notorious for tying up cases and making individuals jump through a lot of red tape.

Bindi Irwin and her father were quite close, and she has even paid loving tribute to him on Dancing with the Stars earlier this season. Losing someone so close wasn't easy on the young girl. And this doesn't make it any easier. During Season 21, she did the tango with partner Derek Hough to the AC/DC song 'You Shook Me All Night Long', which was a favorite song of Steve Irwin's.

Hopefully Bindi can get her paperwork sorted out soon. She has so far survived 8 weeks on the dancing competition, which has already ensured that she'll be going home with at least $230K. Unlike other competitive reality series, the performers on Dancing with the Stars get paid every week they are on the show. The initial sign-on earns the stars a guaranteed $125K. They then get an additional few thousand each week they remain in the race. The winner will also take home the coveted Mirrorball trophy. And right now, Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough seem poised to win it all. Even if she does come in first place, she is going to have to wait until the Los Angeles court system figures out her paperwork before she sees any money. While this continues to get sorted out, you can watch Bindi perform again this Monday, when an all-new episode of Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC at 8pm (EST).