You better set your DVRs! This season's hottest Dancing with the Stars couple are going to take it to the next level by recreating one of the steamiest dance moments in cinematic history! Yes, contestant Bindi Irwin and her pro partner Derek Hough are going to step into the ballet shoes of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze for a new rendition of the iconic lake scene from Dirty Dancing.

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough already look like they're having the time of their lives! And now, they truly will this Monday, as the next all-new episode of Dancing with the Stars makes its debuts. The 17-year-old Wildlife conservationist and her fan-favorite partner were photographed as they practiced the iconic Dirty Dancing lift while wading through a nearby lake this past Friday.

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The pair will closely stick to the original Dirty Dancing script for week six of the competition. They are spending the weekend learning all of the moves made famous by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey way back in 1987, when the movie became an instant classic. Bindi even made sure to wear white to her practice, just like Jennifer Grey did so many years ago.

Sadly, Derek Hough did not immolate the late Patrick Swayze by going shirtless during these intensive training sessions. The dance will serve as a fitting tribute to Jennifer Grey, who actually won Dancing with the Stars' Mirror Ball with Derek Hough way back in 2010. She will be serving as a guest judge this Monday night. Jennifer Grey, who is now 55 years-old, even stopped by rehearsals this week to give the pair a couple of professional tips. Though it was Derek Hough who pointed out how similar the character of Baby is to Bindi. He stated the following.

"Baby's 17 in the movie and so is Bindi. Baby wants to change the world. That's Bindi. Even Bindi's laughs when she gets goofy are so Jennifer. She's my Baby Bindi"

Derek Hough is a five-time champ on Dancing with the Stars, and usually chooses not to do lifts during his routines. For this, he made an exception. The pair have also been rehearings the iconic leap every day leading up to Monday's big reveal. And the pair are said to be growing 'really close'. Bindi Irwin is currently a frontrunner on Dancing with the Stars Season 21, and has already topped the leaderboard several times.

She was the first to get 10s from all the judges after her heartwarming tribute to her late father, Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. That dance is the most viewed DWTS number on Youtube this season. While Bindi Irwin is currently in the lead, contestants Alexa Pena Vega, best known for her role in the Spy's Kid movies, and Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys fame are only a few steps behind. That doesn't matter to Irwin much. As the photos from Friday's rehearsals reveal, 'No one puts Bindi in a corner!'

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