Jim Sheridan's Dream House was set to open on February 18th of 2011, but the Universal thriller is requiring full-cast reshoots, and actor Daniel Craig is unavailable until December.

Craig is currently shooting the first installment of David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and he doesn't get a break until near the end of the year. This has sent Morgan Creek Productions, home to Dream House, in search of a new release date for their murder mystery. Sheridan plans to return to Toronto, where Dream House held down fort, to shoot the required additional footage.

The plot of Dream House revolves around a family who moves into the house of their dreams, nestled in a cozy New England town, only to find out that the previous tenants were viciously murdered on the premises. The husband (Daniel Craig) teams up with a neighbor (Naomi Watts) to find out what actually took place on the grounds. Rachel Weisz stars as Craig's wife.

Dream House could still be Daniel Craig's next movie, if they complete it and get it in theaters before July 29th, 2011, the release date of Craig's highly anticipated sci-fi Western hybrid Cowboys and Aliens.