Reuters has posted an interview article with Daniel Craig about Casino Royale. The link to the entire interview is at the bottom of this story, and the following segments of the article are of interest:

But perhaps the most emasculating thing about playing one of the movies' most macho of men is this: in Casino Royale, James Bond is awkward -- a rookie agent -- at first. What's more, he gets dumped by a "Bond girl."

Yet Craig swears 007 regains his cool by the end.

Casino Royale, is based on author Ian Fleming's first novel, penned in 1953, about the British spy with a license to kill, and while the movie's makers stuck close to the original storyline, they re-set the film in modern times.

"We have an opening sequence that is filmed in black and white, which is not to say this is old. It is just to say, 'go with us on this one. This is from the beginning,"' Craig said.

On his first mission for Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond must stop a Frenchman, Le Chiffre, from funding the world's terrorists.

Bond confronts Le Chiffre at the high stakes gambling tables at Casino Royale. British Treasury agent, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), delivers the cash to fund Bond's game and, of course, action, adventure and a little bit of loving ensue.

"It's huge," said Craig about taking the role. "Of course there's concern, I'm only human. I want to get it right."

Bond producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli liked him enough to sign him for an untitled, 22nd Bond flick set for release in 2008.

Craig said he talked to Pierce Brosnan, who played the super spy in the four most recent Bond Flicks, "quite a few times."

"Pierce said 'go for it,"' Craig said. "So I did."

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