One India is reporting that Daniel Craig is one of the big names under consideration to play the role of Jack Regan in the remake of the 1970s television police drama The Sweeney.

Daniel Craig is competing against Orlando Bloom, Tom Hardy and Ewan McGregor for this part. All of them want to play Regan in the film adaptation of ITV's classic 1970s show.

The role of George Carter, Regan's sidekick, is going to be played by actor Ray Winstone. John Thaw handled the role of Regan in the original show.

"The tone of the movie will change depending on the selection of one actor from the four interested actors to play the tough cop. The Sweeney may turn bigger than the original TV show with the right selection of the cast." An unnamed source reports

The Sweeney is set to start production at the end of this year.

British director Nick Love and Ian Kennedy Martin, the original creator of the ITV series, penned the script for the movie.

In the original show, there were two members of the squad. Also, there was a branch of the Metropolitan Police, who specialized in dealing with armed robbery as well as other violent crime in London.