A little while ago, it was reported that Daniel Craig had been offered the title role of the Thunder God in Marvel's Thor, but that he had turned it down to focus on playing James Bond. Well, in a recent interview with Cinema Blend, Craig revealed that not only was that rumor untrue, but that the source of the false rumor was none other than himself.

That's right. Craig made the statement about being offered the part in an interview with our friends at IESB. However, Craig has now said "I have no idea about Thor,. I just was having a joke!"

It seems that the current James Bond actually has a huge sense of humor, and loves to joke around, especially since every off-hand statement he makes gets turned into the latest story about the James Bond franchise. However, Craig also acknowledges that he should probably be more careful about what he jokes about in the future.

So, while Thor is still looking for a leading man, you can at least catch Craig in Quantum of Solace as Bond. Meanwhile, we'll keep our eyes and ears peeled for any real news about Marvel's Thor.