In light of today's announcement of the nominees for the 80th Academy Awards, the artists behind some of the year's finest dramas are reacting to their Oscar nods...

Daniel Day-Lewis, nominated for Best Actor in There Will Be Blood:

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"You put e shoulder to shoulder with a group of fine actors. I'm proud to be in their company and to have the broader recognition for the film is a lovely thing. I couldn't be happier for Paul Thomas Anderson to whom we owe everything."

Paul Thomas Anderson, nominated for Best Director for There Will Be Blood:

"I'm delighted that "There Will Be Blood" has been recognized by the Academy. These nominations are a testament to the cast and crew, who I am deeply grateful to, for their talent and collaboration. I am also very appreciative of the continued support from both John Lesher and Daniel Battsek and their staff. It's a thrill to be in this."

Hal Holbrook, nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Into the Wild:

"I am grateful. Enormously grateful. Grateful to Sean Penn who gave me the role and directed this beautiful film, and grateful to Emile Hirsch-we really should share this nomination because we worked together. And grateful that after all these years of acting, I got a shot at recognition like this from the Academy. Miraculous."