Daniel Sladek and Chris Taaffe have optioned Graham Salisbury's survival novel Night of the Howling Dogs.

According to Variety, the book is based on the quest for survival that Boy Scout Troop 77 of Hilo, Hawaii, experienced while camping in the wilderness during the 1972 earthquake in Halape and the subsequent tsunami. Salisbury has penned a dozen novels, including "Under the Blood-Red Sun," and specializes in youth fiction set in the Hawaiian islands.

Sladek and Taaffe also have acquired rights to "MacGregor's Lantern," by Colorado author Corinne Joy Brown, published in 2004 by Five Star Trade. It's an historical-fiction story of love and survival set in the Colorado-Wyoming territories during the late 1800s, when wealthy Scottish and English cattle barons vied for control of the prairies and grasslands.

No production dates have been set.