Hollywood has been reaching back into the 80s and 90s for ideas, reboots, and sequels for some time, and now Danielle Harris has declared her desire for a sequel to the 1991 buddy action comedy The Last Boy Scout. In fact, it sounds like Harris is a huge fan of 90s cinema, and is hoping that several franchises from that particular decade will be resurrected at some point.

"I mean, God, to be able to come back and do like The Last Boy Scout 2, I mean, if there was just one, that would blow my mind. That's another character that I just loved, but I mean, listen, I got to come back in Halloween and I got to come back now on Roseanne. I think they're doing a remake of Don't Tell Mom [the Babysitter's Dead]. I've heard rumors, not that I've not been asked anything, but that would be interesting. There's not one role that I wouldn't like to reprise, at least the '90s stuff. The older stuff, maybe not so much, but the '90s stuff for sure."

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Danielle Harris starred in The Last Boy Scout as Darian Hallenbeck, the daughter of Bruce Willis' private investigator Joe Hallenbeck. Released in 19991 and directed by the late Tony Scott, and with a screenplay from Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, The Nice Guys) The Last Boy Scout stars Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans, Chelsea Field, Noble Willingham, and Taylor Negron.

The story centers on Willis' Joe, a once first-rate Secret Service agent, who is now a gruff private investigator. His latest gig is protecting a pole dancer (Halle Berry), but when she's murdered, he grudgingly teams up with her boyfriend, Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans), an ex-quarterback with a gambling problem, and the two go after her killers. Before long, they stumble onto a plot by a well-known football magnate (Noble Willingham), uncovering a conspiracy between politicians and the corrupt NFL team owner.

While The Last Boy Scout was not particularly well received by critics at the time (it currently holds just 47% on Rotten Tomatoes), the movie has since garnered a dedicated cult following thanks to Willis' typically surly hero and the chemistry between Willis and Wayans as the mismatched pair. The movie did have its critical admirers though, with legendary critic Roger Ebert giving The Last Boy Scout three stars out of four and calling it "a superb example of what it is: a glossy, skillful, cynical, smart, utterly corrupt and vilely misogynistic action thriller."

Whether The Last Boy Scout warrants a sequel is up for debate, though no doubt it wouldn't be too difficult concoct a reason to bring Hallenbeck and Dix together again after all these years, but do audiences really need to see Bruce Willis return for another drowsy performance and potentially tarnish the cult legacy of the original?

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead reboot was announced last summer. Beauty Shop Director Billie Woodruff is said to be directing, and is lining up a diverse cast of new up and coming actors. Danielle Harris played Christina Applegate's younger sister in the original cult comedy. if anyone returns from the first, it's expected that they will just be cameos.

With further sequels to the likes of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, and Bad Boys on the cards, surely, we cannot rule out a sequel to The Last Boy Scout getting the greenlight sometime soon. This comes to us courtesy of Comicbook.com.