Danielle Panabaker has been cast as the female lead in the new Untitled Friday the 13th Origin Film, which Marcus Nispel is directing for Platinum Dunes. The horror flick is a negative pickup for New Line, according to The Hollywood Repoter.

Also joining the cast like lambs to the slaughter are Jonathan Sadowski, Travis van Winkle and Aaron Yoo.

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The project, an update of the popular horror series featuring the goalie mask-wielding killer Jason, already features Jared Padalecki in the cast.

Panabaker is playing the adventurous, athletic girlfriend of van Winkle, who plays a rich alpha male type that gathers everyone together.

Yoo's character, named Chumbler, is a guy who's a little quirky and has a tendency to wear his attraction to pretty girls on his sleeve. Sadowski plays a techie who knows the horrific history of Camp Crystal Lake.

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