Danielle Panabaker has been cast as the female lead in the new Untitled Friday the 13th Origin Film, which Marcus Nispel is directing for Platinum Dunes. The horror flick is a negative pickup for New Line, according to The Hollywood Repoter.

Also joining the cast like lambs to the slaughter are Jonathan Sadowski, Travis van Winkle and Aaron Yoo.

The project, an update of the popular horror series featuring the goalie mask-wielding killer Jason, already features Jared Padalecki in the cast.

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Panabaker is playing the adventurous, athletic girlfriend of van Winkle, who plays a rich alpha male type that gathers everyone together.

Yoo's character, named Chumbler, is a guy who's a little quirky and has a tendency to wear his attraction to pretty girls on his sleeve. Sadowski plays a techie who knows the horrific history of Camp Crystal Lake.

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