Empire was on hand at London's Movie-Con, where, over the weekend, director Danny Boyle discussed his upcoming film 127 Hours, which debuts in American theaters nationwide on November 5. You can take a look at a video clip featuring Boyle and producer Christian Colson discussing the film. And you can read more of what they had to say below the video as well.

Boyle talked about making 127 Hours as a follow-up to his Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire:

"It was what you can do really. The advantage we got with the success we had was that you had an opportunity to do something with it, and I've wanted to make this film since 2005. I'd read about it in the papers at the time, and then he wrote this book about it. I went to meet him and said that I didn't want to do it like Touching the Void, because that was so wonderful and I didn't want to do it like a documentary. I said I wanted to do it where you are part of the experience, and where the audience is trapped with him for the whole 127, and he went blank and glazed over like the studios did. So after Slumdog I talked about this idea with Christian (producer) and I wrote up a treatment and we went off to make it. Without that success, we wouldn't have gotten to make it. Because what you saw in the teaser trailer is the good bit, the fun bit - and after that he's stuck there. But it's a good thing to do, career-wise."

Boyle also discussed casting James Franco to portray Aron Ralston, the true-life adventurer who was forced to cut his own arm off after it became pinned under a rock:

"I think we thought he'd always been underrated. He was going to get Spider-Man and he didn't. You watch him in Pineapple Express and he's fantastic. We got him in for an audition. He's not a lookalike; he wasn't an obvious choice, but he was great, so we asked him to do it. When we shot it, he was in a corridor that's narrower than this stage and he was chained to the end. Everyone else had to be outside, and the only way to do it was long takes. The bit after you saw him getting trapped in the trailer has him trying, for hours, to get out. Now we'd fixed it so he couldn't move the rock; but by God he tried! He tried to rip that set apart. So we had two cameramen every day, because we didn't have a villain - except for the rock, but it's inanimate - but we'll have two cameramen and change them so it gives him something different to do. But I hope that everyone will see what a great actor he is in it. And there's a little Pineapple Express bit in there to cheer everyone up in the middle."

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further news on 127 Hours as soon as we have more information.