28 Days Later 2: According to Variety, Fox Searchlight is putting together a sequel to 28 Days Later, the stylish Danny Boyle-directed horror film that became a sleeper fall hit in 2002.

While the studio would confirm only that a sequel is in the works, sources said the tentative title is "28 Weeks Later" and that the studio is circling Rowan Joffe to write the script.

Joffe, son of "The Killing Fields" director Roland Joffe, co-wrote the BBC pic "Last Resort."

Boyle is not expected to direct the sequel, though he and screenwriter Alex Garland likely will take producing roles alongside the first pic's producer, Andrew Macdonald.

The low-budget original concerned a virus-driven plague that wiped out most of England and left a handful of survivors fleeing from rage-filled murderous zombies. It grossed $45 million in the U.S. and north of $25 million overseas.

Star Cillian Murphy now is playing the villainous Scarecrow in pic "Batman Begins," directed by Christopher Nolan.