Will Danny Boyle be moving from the slums of India to the halls of MI6? According to The Sun UK, Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle has been made an offer to direct the latest James Bond film.

"Danny is the man of the moment and he is being bombarded with offers from studios. He has been offered the chance to direct the 23rd Bond film by Barbara (Brocolli). The EON team love his vision and think that it would work perfectly for the new look of Bond."

While it was reported that Boyle has no interest in big budget films anymore, the new Bond films seem more suited to his style, and Boyle would be reunited with his The Beach producer, Callum McDougal.

"Danny has always been more interested with the film than the money. However, with Daniel Craig's involvement and the way the films are now structured - with the emphasis on the characters and plot rather than gags and gadgets - it is right up Danny's street."

We'll certainly keep you posted on any developments surrounding Boyle on Bond.