Delve into the world of director Danny Boyle's latest thriller Trance with two interactive viral websites. The movie follows Simon (James McAvoy), an art dealer who double-crosses his crew during an art heist, yet can't remember where he stashed the painting after being knocked out cold by a powerful crime figure named Franck (Vincent Cassel). Rosario Dawson stars as a hynotherapist who is must delve deep into Simon's psyche and recover the whereabouts of this priceless Goya painting. and toy with the notion of remembering and forgetting, taking the user on an interactive journey. Fans can click on any of the icons that pop up during this trance-like presentation to see brief bits off footage from Trance complete with flashing subliminal imagery.

The studio has also launched an official website that includes an interview with director Danny Boyle. If you want to "remember," CLICK HERE, and if you choose to "forget," CLICK HERE.