Danny Comden has signed a deal with ABC Studios to write and star in Temps, a multicamera comedy set up at ABC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Comden will write and star in the project, described as a modern-day Taxi set at a temp agency.

The deepening recession is making the project topical and relatable as companies that lay off employees often resort to temp agencies to fill vacant positions, Comden said.

Temps also explores the plight of overqualified and underemployed immigrants who held high academic or professional positions in their native countries but often work manual labor jobs in the U.S.

The show is set at the agency's office and will also follow the temps on their assignments. It centers on a 10-year veteran temp (Comden).

"He is absolutely content as a temp," Comden said. "He doesnt work overtime, and he doesn't take his job home with him."