Danny De Vito and Katey Sagal have signed on to star in the new indie comedy No Place Like Home written and directed by Sam Harper and produced by Wayne Rice of Dude, Where's My Car? fame. While the film goes into production this month for the next 12 weeks, it will get an immediate marketing push via its other producer Jordan Hudgens of the new video sharing syndicate Vidshadow.com. While the film is shooting, Hudgens will have a film crew on the set getting daily b-roll that will be edited into a weekly trailer for the film that can be viewed via his popular web portal Vidshadow.com. These clips will be available for immediate public viewing to generate hype and will be used as a marketing component to help secure a studio to widely distribute the film for theatrical release.

"This is the first time this has ever been done," said Hudgens. "Most directors would never allow anyone to create and release the kinds of trailers we will be doing while their film is still in production. We think what we are starting here will be the norm in a couple of years and we are happy that Sam (Harper) gets it. Right now we're building audience anticipation for the wide release of this film."

No Place Like Home centers on De Vito's character, a father who in order to enjoy his retirement takes drastic measures to get his twentysomething, slacker sons to move out and fend for themselves.

In addition to use of the weekly film clips online, the opening sequence of the film will reference Vidshadow.com as will a second scene in the film.

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