Danny DeVito was so excited about the new Tomahawk album coming out this Tuesday that he decided to join another comedy. Why? So that he'd have enough money to buy copies for all his friends (the dude has a lot of friends). According to Variety, the diminutive one has joined the cast of No Place Like Home..

The story revolves around a recently retired fireman and Faith No More fanatic who plans on living a life of quiet retirement. All he wants to do is jam in the basement to Fantomas, but those plans are put on hold when his two twenty-something sons move back into the house with him. Unable to convince his wife to kick them out, he kidnaps her, leaving the two sons to fend for themselves.

The film starts shooting this August. Danny DeVito told me, to tell you, that the new Tomahawk LP Anonymous comes out this week, on June 19th. He wants you to buy it. And listen to it. And love it. But Danny DeVito is a little crazy.