In Los Angeles, we spoke to actor Danny Glover who was promoting his latest film Honeydripper, and asked him if he has any plans to return for Lethal Weapon 5, which is rumored to be in development. Glover last appeared as LAPD Officer Roger Murtaugh in 1998's Lethal Weapon 4.

Internet rumors circulated a few months ago about how Mel Gibson had been offered over $25million to reprise his role as LAPD Officer Martin Riggs for a fifth and final chapter in the franchise and that Richard Donner had a story in mind which he would be interested in directing.

Glover unequivocally and emphatically told us that there is no way that he would be returning for a fifth film and that as far as he was concerned, the franchise is over for him and the door is shut.

The veteran actor, who has appeared in over 80 movies and television programs, has a full slate of upcoming films for the next year including Night Train, Blindness and Be Kind Rewind.