Danny McBride, who stole Hot Rod right out form under its cast when he threw a garbage can on a man while extolling the virtues of green tea, was in town this week to talk about his upcoming comedy The Heartbreak Kid. While doing so, he told us about his upcoming Will Ferrell produced HBO show East Bound and Down and his role in the Ben Stiller directed Tropic Thunder. Here is what he had to say:

Danny, what are you rocking the shaved mullet for?

Danny McBride: This is my look for Tropic Thunder. That's a movie that I am actually shooting with Ben Stiller right now. That's something that Ben is starring in, and directing. This hair is more on the pro-wrestler tip I think. This guy is the special effects guy in the movie. These are cornrows, actually.

Where you guys in Hawaii for that?

Danny McBride: Yeah, we were actually in Kauai for the last three months. I just got back yesterday. We wrapped up what we were shooting in Hawaii, and now we have a little bit of shooting left to do in Los Angeles. It was really cool to work with Ben in The Heartbreak Kid as an actor, and then see him come onto Tropic Thunder as a director. He is the lead in that as well, but he is also directing this huge epic. It has been pretty incredible to see him wear all those hats at once.

Did you get to work with Mathew McConaughey yet?

Danny McBride: We had one scene together. But I was in a helicopter when it happened. And that scene will of course be shot in Los Angeles. So, no, I haven't acted with him. But on the screen it will seem like I had a scene with him.

Can you talk about East Bound and Down?

Danny McBride: It's a pilot for HBO that me and these guys that I shot an independent film with are doing. That's actually what Ben and the Farrellys saw me in. Its what made them decide I was right for this. So, we shot this pilot for HBO, and it's been picked up for six episodes. We are going to head down to North Carolina in January and start putting those down. It's going to premier in June.

Tropic Thunder opens July 11th, 2008.