Machete doesn't open in theaters until this weekend, but two of its stars - Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez - have already agreed to reunite for another project entitled Skinny Dip. This news comes from The Los Angeles Times.

Skinny Dip will revolve around a young woman who kills a police officer. Danny Trejo's twenty-two year old son, Gilbert Trejo, will produce the movie. He might co-direct the project as well, with another young filmmaker named Frankie Latina. Gilbert Trejo had a small role in Machete, where he's seen in the climactic end battle sequence firing missiles from a rooftop.

No production schedule for the movie has been set at this time, and it wasn't clear what roles either Danny Trejo or Michelle Rodriguez would be playing. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on Skinny Dip as soon as we have more information.