Danny Trejo might be one of Hollywood's most intimidating actors, and yet, it appears he's been killed on screen more times than any other actor. Utilizing Cinemorgue and IMDb, the website Buzz Bingo has created a "Movie Mortality" list to count the total number of on-screen deaths across cinematic history. Perhaps not so surprisingly, the names of many familiar horror stars can be seen in the top ten. What is a little shocking, however, is to see Danny Trejo topping the list with 65 on-screen deaths, which is more than any other actor included in their research.

Thinking back upon the legendary career of Trejo, seeing him leading the Movie Mortality list starts to get a bit more understandable. Over the span of several decades, Trejo has appeared in dozens upon dozens of movies, often as a bad guy standing in the way of the hero. This has apparently gotten him killed over sixty times from one movie to another, which includes memorable murders at the hands of Charles Bronson in Death Wish IV: The Face of Death and Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot. More recently, Zombie killed Trejo again by featuring him as a victim in the brutal 2019 movie 3 from Hell.

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Close behind Trejo on the list is the legendary character actor Christopher Lee, whose iconic characters include Count Dracula and Saruman. According to the list, Lee has died in movies 60 times, just five less than Trejo. Lance Henriksen follows in third place with 51 movie deaths, followed by Vincent Price, Dennis Hopper, and Boris Karloff tied at 41. Making up the rest of the top ten are John Hurt (39), Bela Lugosi (36), Tom Sizemore (36), and Eric Roberts (35). Some of these actors who are still with us could also one day potentially catch up to Trejo, but as Trejo is still actively dying in movies and making his number continue to climb, it's hard to imagine anyone breaking his record.

Also analyzed on the Movie Mortality list is just how likely certain actors are to die, based on the percentage of how often they die in their movies. Tied in first in this particular list are Kit Harington and Merritt Butrick, with each actor 62.5% likely to die in a movie. Mahershala Ali comes up next with a 50% survival rate, followed by Mickey Rourke (47.7), Dave Bautista (47.6), Michael Biehn (44.1), Gary Oldman (42.9), Taylor Kitsch (42.9), and Holt McCallany (42.5). Sean Bean just barely makes the top ten at 42.3%, which is perhaps the most surprising of all of these results as you'd think he'd be much higher.

Buzz Bingo's research also indicates women fare far better than men in movies, as males account for over 75% of individual on-screen deaths. Still, some actresses have been killed off in movies more often than others, bringing about their own rankings of the "most unlucky actresses." Topping this list is Shelley Winters with 20 movie deaths, followed by Julianne Moore at 17 with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Charlotte Rampling tied at 14. Glenn Close, Pam Grier, Meryl Streep, and Vanessa Redgrave all follow with 13 on-screen movie deaths each. A.J. Cook is also the most likely actress to die on-screen with a 50% survival rate, ahead of Eva Green at 35.3% and Brigitte Nielsen at 35%.

You can see the full results for yourself over at Buzz Bingo.