Danny Trejo has a sorted criminal past. Though he's become an established actor over the years, he has gone back to his prison roots, shanking a sound man and taking the director of his previous film Frankie Latina (Modus Operandi) hostage. Watch this Kickstarter hostage video, where Danny threatens to slit the filmmaker's throat if you, the fans, don't help fund their latest collaborative endeavor Snap Shot. If you're not convinced of the deadly fate awaiting Latina, then continue reading on after the video for more details.

Danny Trejo reunites with Modus Operandi director Frankie Latina for new indie thriller Snap Shot. The director goes for crowd funding through Kickstarter for Snap Shot and grabs plenty of attention with a clever video promo featuring the Mexican Badass himself, who says "I support independent film."

Through Kickstarter, more than 750,000 people have pledged over 75 million dollars to fund independent film projects since 2009. Recently Kickstarter teamed up with the Sundance Institute's Artist Services to provide creative funding for the Institute's alumni. Director Frankie Latina and writer Gilbert Trejo, worked through the Sundance Institute Artist Services curated page on Kickstarter to raise funding for their project.

Frankie Latina Motion Pictures announced today that shooting is gearing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is slated to shoot later this spring.

In Snap Shot, a young photographer finds a roll of film in an old camera that contains images he soon wishes he'd never seen. At first intrigued and determined to find out more about the pictures, he comes to the attention of the people to whom the camera belongs and the young photographer is drawn into their deadly world - a world from which they most definitely don't want him to escape.

Snap Shot stars Danny Trejo (Heat), Kumar Pallana (The Royal Tenenbaums), Mark Borchardt (Cabin Fever), Michael Sottile (Reservoir Dogs), Nikki Johnson (Modus Operandi), and Kelly Cunningham (A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III). Here's what Danny Trejo said in a statement.

"I love independent film and I love finding unknown, talented directors. I don't understand why more big name actors don't do it. Because the unknown guy you work for today, in three years he's got his own studio. And that's paid off for me more than once. Working on Modus Operandi with Frankie was a lot like working with Robert Rodriguez. Guys like that have an incredible vision and I'm excited to see what Frankie does with this story."

Latina has been named one of the 25 new faces of independent cinema, as well as receiving other accolades for his debut feature Modus Operandi which bowed at AFI. This film, as in Latina's previous works, will feature a rich palette of vibrant colors, dynamic symmetrical compositions, stylish fashions and preternatural attention to razor-sharp details.