The Crow: Wicked Prayer: In a recent interview with, actor Danny Trejo talked briefly about his upcoming role in the 4th installment of The Crow...

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There's a movie called The Crow coming out.

Wicked Prayer?

Yeah, I'm in Wicked Prayer. I play a Baptist Minister Indian chief. Fallen from grace. I'm actually a good guy in this, Baptist minister. He's the chief of the tribe that hates Eddie Furlong's character, The Crow. I scream at him, "How did God choose you?" And it's funny because he turns around and says, "Your daughter did." My daughter is Emmanuelle [Chriqui], his love interest.

So do you have a fight scene with him?

No, I'm a peace activist.

What is your costume?

I wear this feathery thing, it's really kind of cool. You gotta see it, it's a great movie. I think it's going to be the best of the three [previous films].

How is it better than the original?

The director, Lance [Mungia], he just did it. He went over the top, really awesome.